A Treasury of Perfection

GIOIELLI means jewels, something precious and of rare excellence : words that best describe our people, our products and our concepts. The crown jewel of the GIOIELLI logo is a rare red butterfly. An emblem of beauty and prosperity, the red butterfly symbolize what GIOIELLI stands for: achievement of rare excellence through the metamorphosis of Success.

Gioielli Jewelry 24 Karat Gold Klad.

Your Gioielli fine fashion jewelry belongs to a class of its own. It has been carefully crafted and gold clad in one (1) to three (3) microns 99.99% of fine gold to be known as "24 KARAT GOLD KLAD", a term given to products manufactured using state-of-the-art electroplating methods and world class proprietory formulation. Each piece of jewelry goes through a multi-step process to ensure superior finish so that Gioielli jewelry remains an elegant part of your wardrobe.

If taken cared of properly, your Gioielli fine fashion jewelry will maintain its beauty and luster for many years.

Treat your Gioielli jewelry as you would any fine jewelry in your possesion. Wash it regularly with tap water and mild soap then pat dry using a soft cloth and store it properly in a jewelry box. Regular washing of your Gioielli jewelry prevents tarnishing or discoloration by removing pollutants, perspiration, salt, chlorine, and chemical residue from hairspray, cosmetics, etc.

Nevertheless, Gioielli International Inc. guarantees that any defective or tarnished products caused by normal use will be repaired, re-klad or even replaced free of charge within one year of purchase as stated in every valid guarantee card issued. After the expiration of the guarantee, the company still stands by its product and offers product restoration service to ensure long period of satisfaction with Gioielli jewelry.